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Are you searching for cost-effective, reliable parking lot striping services? We have a team of highly qualified professionals with many years experience, who know how to do the job right.

Parking lot striping will help any business or organisation to organize and efficiently manage their parking area. It is not only important for your customers’ safety, but it can also help prevent accidents from unmarked lanes and unclear directions.

Our experienced staff will help you to find the right solution for your parking lot problems. Our team is experienced in new construction projects as well as the re-striping of existing lots that are looking shabby.

We offer a free initial consultation in order to assess your individual needs and then provide you with an accurate quote for the services we provide.

Our team guarantees the highest-quality results from beginning to end – from planning through to completion within a set budget tailored to your needs. You can count on us to stripe your parking lots quickly and efficiently while maintaining the highest level of quality!

We are proud to provide reliable and professional services for all jobs, no matter how big or small the project is, we have you covered. With our teams years of experience combined with top-notch equipment and excellent customer service, we guarantee that you will be satisfied when we have completed the project.

The Importance Of Parking Lot Striping

First Impressions Last

Imagine pulling in to a parking lot, and being greeted with a neatly organized parking space. Not only is it about aesthetics, but also the immediate perceptions of order and professionalism. The parking lot stripes send a strong, silent message.

Safety is in the Stripes

Lines are more important than just being a guide. They’re the unsung guardians for safety. The lines on a parking lot are more than just a guide. They are the unsung guardians of safety. They are vital, and this is why:

  • Accident Prevention: If drivers don’t know where to draw the lines, they are at risk of a collision.
  • Pedestrian Pathways: Stripes do more than organize cars. They are lifelines to pedestrians, indicating safe walking areas.

Make Every Inch Count

In this fast-paced world, making the best use of available space isn’t just smart. It’s essential. Striping properly can increase parking space by a significant amount. You’ve probably seen parking chaos occur when lines fade. This is not a pretty scene, and it’s also incredibly inefficient.

Keeping Legal And Compliant

It is not enough to have a parking lot that is just neat and well maintained. Your parking lot has to also adhere to all legal standards.

Accessibility Inline With ADA (Accessibility Standards for Disabled People)

Navigating a parking lot can be easy for most people but parking lots can be difficult to navigate for people with disabilities. Here’s where the Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA), can be of help, notably with its guidelines for parking lot stripes. These regulations aim to create a more inclusive environment, not just comply with the law.

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ADA Striping Guidelines

ADA compliance is a matter of providing equal access for all. Parking lots need to be designed in a way that accommodates people with disabilities. What exactly does this entail, though?

  • Size Specifications: ADA Parking Spaces are wider than usual parking spaces, allowing wheelchair access.
  • Number Of Accessible Parking Spots Required: Based on the number of parking places in the lot, a ratio of accessible parking spots is required.
  • Positioning Accessible Spaces Strategically: It’s more than just having them; it’s also about where you put them. The ADA Guidelines specify that accessible spaces should be placed along the shortest, most convenient route to the entrance. This reduces the amount of distance that someone with a physical disability will have to travel in order to enter the facility.
  • On Level Ground: To prevent mobility issues, ADA spots should be placed on flat ground.|ADA Spots should be located on the flattest areas possible to avoid mobility issues.|ADA places need to be on the most flat areas possible to prevent mobility problems.|ADA spots must be placed in the flattest possible area to prevent mobility issues.}
  • Signage and Markings: Signage forms a crucial part of ADA-compliant car parks. You must have both the proper signage and the stripes to make it clear that this space is for people with disabilities.
  • Height Requirements For Signage: Signs should be placed high enough so that they can be seen by a driver while a vehicle is parked in the spot.
  • Symbol For Accessibility: The wheelchair symbol must be prominently displayed.
  • Condition Of The Surface:The condition of a parking lot’s surface can impact accessibility in a big way. ADA guidelines require surfaces to be well-maintained and smooth to avoid mobility issues. To ensure ADA compliance, it is important to maintain the parking surface.
  • Clear Of Obstructions: Routes and access aisles must be free from obstacles at all time.

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Preparedness for Emergency Situations

In terms of property planning and management, there are few things more critical than maintaining emergency access and ensuring that fire codes are followed. Not only is it a matter of legal compliance, but also a concern for the safety and wellbeing of all those who step foot on premises.

What Are The Fundamentals

It may appear that fire codes are complicated, but their main purpose is to prevent the outbreak and spreading of fires. These rules aren’t only for the experts, anyone responsible for a building’s safety or a public space must understand their nuances.

Emergency Access: A Lifeline in Critical Moments.

In an emergency, seconds count.

  • Assuring Clear Pathways: It’s not just about aesthetics, but it is also about safety, enabling firefighters and other rescue workers access to the area without obstructions. It can be the key to a successful outcome if you are able to gain access to every area of a structure.
  • Good Signage: Like a navigational compass, proper signage can guide emergency responders straight to the scene of an accident.
  • Key Box Installations: These are similar to master keys, allowing emergency services access immediately to the building savinge precious time when an emergency occurs.

Striping Is More Than Meets The Eye

While it may seem easy, there are many steps involved in creating those white or bright yellow lines. Each step, from choosing the correct paint to marking, measuring and applying is vital for the durability and effectiveness of striping.

  • Paint Choice Is Important: Paints of different types and quality can have a huge impact on the visibility and the durability of the finished striping.
  • Planned With Precision: A well-striped parking lot is the product of careful planning, and there’s absolutely no room for errors.

Refreshing Your Stripes

The elements, tire wear, and time will cause the stripes to fade, so it is important to refresh the striping regularly. But when should you do it?

  • Check Their Visibility: If lines are not as visible as once, you may need to touch up.
  • Wear And Tear: Check for signs of wear such as flaking paint or chipping.

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Parking Lot Striping [location] Frequently Asked Questions

Why is parking lot restriping important?

Parking lot re-striping is important because it restores visibility and the traffic organization. It directs pedestrians and reminds drivers that there are rules to follow. The result is better traffic flow and a reduced risk of lawsuits and fines.

What does white paint on parking lot mean?

White paint on a parking lot generally means "Designated Parking spaces, unless restricted by signs". The paint color used for lines create defined spaces to control traffic and guide drivers to safety. In some cases, your state may have specific rules for striping colors, but generally, White: Marks designated parking spaces, unless restricted by signs.

What do pink lines in a parking lot mean?

Pink lines in a parking lot generally means female only parking. To improve women's safety, some companies have improved lighting, installed surveillance systems, and have reserved parking spots closer to entrances for female-only parking. Some parking spots are painted bright pink to distinguish them as female only, and may also have a "female only" sign.

How soon can you stripe after Sealcoating?

After Sealcoating you should wait 24 hours before striping the parking lot. A quality seal coat job should be allowed to cure for at least 24 hours. However, this is a general guideline and the estimated curing time can be reduced by the use of special additives and optimal weather conditions.

How long does thermoplastic striping last?

Thermoplastics typically will last between 3-5 years, depending on conditions.

Other areas near we cover include:

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