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Welcome To The Stripe Guys

Your Premier Parking Lot and Floor Striping Experts Since 1994

At StripeGuys, we pride ourselves on being a trusted and specialized contractor dedicated to pavement and floor marking services. Our expertise extends to a wide range of commercial, institutional, and industrial projects. With a legacy spanning over 29 years, we have established ourselves as a leading choice for clients seeking impeccable service and reliability.

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Our Diverse Portfolio Speaks Volumes

Our extensive experience encompasses projects for various sectors, including:

  • Chemical and Manufacturing Facilities: Implementing precise and durable markings.
  • Airports: Ensuring safety and efficiency through high-quality striping.
  • Power Plants and Jails: Offering robust and long-lasting marking solutions.
  • Churches and Shopping Centers: Enhancing functionality and aesthetics.
  • Retail Locations: Catering to diverse striping needs for optimal customer experiences.

Licensed, Insured, and Ready for Any Challenge

As a fully licensed contractor, we are equipped with comprehensive insurance tailored to our trade. This ensures that every project we undertake is backed by the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

Specializing in Parking Lot and Warehouse Floor Striping

Our specialization in parking lot and warehouse floor striping has been honed over decades of service. We understand the intricacies of large line striping projects and are the go-to experts for commercial property managers.

Completing Millions of Feet in Projects

Our skilled crews have executed projects totaling millions of feet for national clients, showcasing our capacity to handle projects of any scale and complexity.

Why Choose StripeGuys?

  • Three Decades of Experience: Benefit from our extensive experience in managing major projects.
  • Mistake Correction Expertise: We’ve seen and rectified the errors of less experienced contractors, ensuring your project avoids common pitfalls.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: We prioritize safety, quality, and communication, ensuring your project is completed on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.
  • Prominent References Available: Our track record is validated by references from many renowned clients.

Committed to Your Peace of Mind

Had a less-than-ideal experience before? Let StripeGuys remove that worry. We’re here to evaluate your project, and if we’re not the perfect fit, our extensive nationwide network means we can recommend someone who is.

Ready to Assist with Your Upcoming Projects

If you have an upcoming pavement or floor marking project, StripeGuys is here to offer expert assistance. Contact us to discuss how we can contribute to the success of your project.

More Information On The Industrial and Commercial Floor Striping Services We Provide

We offer competitive pricing for warehouse, parking lot & floor striping and re-striping services.

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Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot line marking, also called parking lot striping, serves several important purposes. It plays a crucial role in organizing and ensuring the safety of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

  • Enhanced Safety: Parking lot markings are primarily used to increase safety for pedestrians and drivers. Clearly marked crosswalks, lanes and arrows direct drivers, while walking paths and crosswalks provide safe areas for pedestrians.
  • Optimizing Traffic Flow: Parking lots must be marked to ensure efficient traffic flow. The use of both well-marked arrows and signs for entrance and exit, as well as lane separation, can help to guide vehicles through the parking area smoothly and reduce confusion.
  • Maximizing The Space Usage: A well-designed and executed parking lot striping can help increase the amount of parking spaces that are available in the parking lot. Parking lots can be more accommodating by organizing the spaces and making sure each spot is clearly delineated.
  • Being Legal Compliant: Parking lot striping may be required by law in order to meet certain codes and regulations. This includes providing and properly marking handicapped-accessible parking spaces in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as ensuring fire lanes are clearly marked and free from obstructions.
  • Aesthetics: A professionally-striped parking lot presents a clean and professional image, which contributes positively to your business’ or facility’s overall image. It shows that you are committed to order, detail and customer service.
  • Liability Reduction: Correct striping can help reduce the risk of accidents. In the event that an incident does occur, having a clearly marked and well-maintained parking lot can prove that you as a business owner have taken the necessary precautions to try to ensure the safety of your customers, which could reduce your liability.
  • Customer Convenience: Clearly marked spaces, accessible spots for handicapped customers, and easy visible directional markers make parking easier for your customers. This convenience not only increases customer satisfaction, but it is also particularly useful in areas of high traffic, or during peak hours.

Parking lot striping serves a variety of functions, from increasing safety and efficiency to improving aesthetic appeal and legal compliance.

For more information visit our Parking Lot Striping page

We offer competitive pricing for warehouse, parking lot & floor striping and re-striping services.

warehouse floor striping

Warehouse Striping

The striping of warehouse floors serves many important purposes, it’s main ones being maintaining safety, efficiency and organization in the warehouse. This process involves applying durable marks and lines on the warehouse floor to create an easily navigable and well-structured area. The primary purposes of warehouse striping include:

  • Enhanced Safety: Floor striping is used to improve the safety in the warehouses for both employees and visitors. Clearly marked no-entry zones, walkways and crosswalks help reduce accidents by steering foot traffic clear of hazardous areas and heavy machinery.
  • Traffic Flow: The floor striping of warehouses that use forklifts as well as carts and other types of vehicles is vital to ensure that the traffic flows efficiently. Well-defined lanes with directional markings are important for organizing all the vehicle movement, which helps to reduce collisions while also increasing the overall operational efficiency of the warehouse.
  • Utilization Of Space: Warehouse floor striping is a great way to not only organize but also maximize the space in your warehouse. It can help you to identify specific areas like storage zones, unloading and loading areas, and workstations. This ensures that you have maximum space utilization and that each area is being used effectively, while preventing clutter.
  • Maintaining Compliance: Many warehouses and storage facilities must adhere to both safety and occupational regulations, like those set out by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Floor striping and marking is essential to ensure your compliance with these rules, as the striping helps to mark safe walkways and highlight any hazardous areas that exist.
  • Improved Efficiency: The striping of warehouse floors can improve work efficiency and streamline processes, as it clearly defines certain zones and paths. Your employees will be able to move around the space faster and more efficiently, saving time on finding items or moving to different parts of the warehouse.
  • Visual Management: Floor striping plays a vital role in visual management of warehouses. It helps to identify different zones quickly, and guides employees and visitors through the warehouse layout.
  • Emergency Evacuation: In an emergency, floor markings are a great way to direct people towards the exits and assembly areas, they play a vital role in ensuring that the evacuation is both quick and orderly.
  • A Professional Appearance: A well striped warehouse floor improves not only the functionality but also the professional appearance of your facility. It shows a commitment towards order, safety and high standards.

Warehouse floor striping contributes to a more organized, safer and efficient work environment.

For more information visit Warehouse Striping page

We offer competitive pricing for warehouse, parking lot & floor striping and re-striping services.

warehouse floor tape installation

Warehouse Floor Taping

To run a business efficiently and safely, it is crucial to have a well maintained warehouse. Using warehouse floor taping or markings allows employees and visitors to easily and quickly identify the areas that are used for various purposes such as traffic flow, storage, and safety zones. This also helps to create a more organized environment, which can save you both time and money.

We provide a full range of warehouse floor marking services to make sure that your markings comply with all relevant regulations and industry standards. Our warehouse line marking team provides expert advice on the most suitable layout for your space, based on your specific needs. Installing the lines is done with only the best materials to ensure that they will last for a long time and still look professional.

Our warehouse safety flooring markings are available in a range of sizes and shapes, allowing you to quickly and easily identify specific areas in your warehouse. We can provide you with arrows and warning signs for dangerous zones as well as checkerboard designs for organizing your inventory racks. With our training you will learn how to maintain your markings in order for them to remain effective over time and ensure everyone’s safety while working at the facility.

We are proud provide businesses with reliable warehouse taping solutions which can improve their efficiency and ensure safety compliance at all times.

Schedule an appointment today with one of our consultants. They will give you tailored advice about how to best use warehouse taping in any successful warehouse operation.

For more information visit Warehouse Floor Taping page

We offer competitive pricing for warehouse, parking lot & floor striping and re-striping services.

bollard installation

Bollard Installation

It is important to use bollards when it comes time to ensure the safety of your parking lot. Bollards can be either posts or barriers that are used to direct or control vehicular or pedestrian traffic as well as protect property. Installing parking lot bollards not only helps protect visitors from harm but also helps meet OSHA requirements.

Our team of experts understands the importance of installing bollards for both safety as well as regulatory compliance. Our team is experienced in installing all types of bollards including steel, concrete or plastic to suit your budget and application. We will ensure that your parking lot meets all local codes and requirements, while protecting your visitors.

When you choose us to install your bollards we will consider factors including cost effectiveness, location convenience and aesthetics. We can evaluate your needs and determine the best type of parking lot bollard that is right for your areas shape and size. We can also customize our products if required!

Our team will then handle all aspects of the installation itself, including obtaining permits and paperwork as well as mounting each post. This will allow you to relax and not worry about it, as our comprehensive solution ensures all work is carried out according industry standards and that your space will be safe and compliant with all local laws.

It’s good to know that bollards don’t need to break your bank! The price may differ depending on whether you go for steel, plastic, or concrete bollards, but we will always strive to keep the cost low without compromising on the quality of the job.

Installing bollards on your parking lot is an important step in ensuring its safety. We are committed to providing high-quality bollards which not only meet OSHA requirements, but also are effective functionally yet aesthetically appealing and cost-effective.

Call us now to learn more about our quality bollard installation services.

For more information visit Bollard Installation Services page

We offer competitive pricing for warehouse, parking lot & floor striping and re-striping services.

Floor Striping Frequently Asked Questions

What are the OSHA standards for floor striping?

Floor marking lines must be at least 2" wide to ensure maximum visibility, though the agency recommends lines to be 2" to 6" wide. Aisles should be at least 4' wide, or at least 3' wider than the largest piece of equipment used in the aisle.

What is a floor marking tape?

Floor marking tapes are adhesive tapes used to mark hazards, divide spaces, create aisles, or provide directions. They are commonly used in industrial and manufacturing facilities for floor marking.

Why is parking lot striping important?

Parking lot re-striping restores visibility and the traffic organization. It directs pedestrians and reminds drivers that there are rules to follow. The result is better traffic flow and a reduced risk of lawsuits and fines.

How soon can you stripe after Sealcoating?

24 hours A quality seal coat job should be allowed to cure for at least 24 hours. However, this is a general guideline and the estimated curing time can be reduced by the use of special additives and optimal weather conditions.

What are the OSHA color codes?

"DANGER" - Red, or predominantly red, with lettering or symbols in a contrasting color. "CAUTION" - Yellow, or predominantly yellow, with lettering or symbols in a contrasting color. "WARNING" - Orange, or predominantly orange, with lettering or symbols in a contrasting color.

Other areas near we cover include:

We offer competitive pricing for warehouse, parking lot & floor striping and re-striping services.